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#SteezerOfTheWeek December 14th-18th

#SteezerOfTheWeek December 14th-18th

Jazzy Walker, Photographer
Hometown Seattle, WA
Jazzy has been behind the camera since she was 11 years old. She began working with film and switched to digital photography in high school. She later went on to earn a degree in Photography from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
Jazzy is a very stylish and creative individual and her skills stretch further than just photography. Her strengths are in photography, style, fitness and nutrition. She is a lover of art, ranging from traditional arts to performance arts. She loves to write, listen to music, workout, eat, clean, and of course capture and edit pictures.


Photos taken by Jazzy

Model: @_GLamorous_Chico


Follow Jazzy's Instagram to see more of her work @jazzysbae

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