Official STF.U Webstore Release


Contact: Erick & Ray

Steez the Fiendz Univ.

Steez the Fiendz University Official Storefront Release

Steez the Fiendz University—A lifestyle: represented by the idealism of an imaginary University where anyone of any age can go and be themselves. We encourage everyone to study and even indulge in whatever it is that they truly positively “fiend”. (ie. Fashion, Sports, Movies, Culture, Photography, Nature, Electronics, etc.)

STF.U is finally ready to go public. After a year of being in business we have decided now is the time! STF.U has a mix of apparel from t-shirts and snapbacks to custom pieces. On December 20th, 2013 our web store will officially be open for pre-orders through January 3rd. Pre-orders will be available at First 5 pre-orders will receive a special gift. Also available exclusively at Epic in Town Center Mall—Kennesaw, Ga

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Be on the lookout for our up and coming nonprofit organization, Yada Sports.

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